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Research Services

Our research work includes the application of basic scientific principles to abstract problems. This can include identifying the key variables in a given problem and  framing it in a way that allows analysis using well established processes and mathematical models, and tools.


Cogenia Partner's approach often draws on non-traditional technical areas where we may apply concepts from one area to a problem in another, and thereby create new knowledge and understanding.


Areas of particular techncial expertise are:


  • Radio Frequency Physics

  • Communications Theory

  • Decision Theory

  • Population/Economics

  • Dynamics & Vehicle Positioning

  • Technology Roadmaps & Analytical Forecasts


Our non-technical research includes analyses of Social, Political, Economic and Legal/Legislative (SPEL) factors that may impact the adoption and growth of a particular technology or product.


Cogenia Partners’ SPEL research team studies and identifies key social, political, economic and legal/legislative factors that may influence the realization of technologies, features and applications associated with our client’s strategic roadmap. For example, we might examine potential legislation relating to driver distraction and its impact on user interface and display related applications, or the potential for mandates related to various smart vehicle safety systems, such as the possible mandate for V2V communications based safety systems.


Our research can include possible future scenarios and how these scenarios may influence the demand for the various features and applications on our client’s strategic roadmap. We can also provide a high level assessment of patent exposure and make recommendations for mitigating that exposure.