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Partners & Associates

Scott Andrews, Technical Partner


Mr. Andrews has more than 30 years of experience developing and managing high technology projects; for the last 20 years he has focused exclusively on the development and management of technologies in support of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Between 1996 and 2000 he was the project manager for Toyota’s work on the Automated Highway System (AHS) program. He was also a member of the US DOT Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI) steering committee, and founded the Automotive Multimedia Interface Consortium out of which many of the early visions of the VII program were born.  As System Architect for the VII Consortium he developed the key architectural elements of the VII system, working closely with Booz Allen Hamilton to develop the end-to-end specifications and requirements. He has recently provided techncial leadership on a porject for NHTSA to develop perfromance requirements for vehicle to vehicle (V2V) safety systems in support of a potential V2V rule making.


Mr. Andrews is the Technical Partner of Cogenia Partners, LLC, and in this role he has consulted with all of the major carmakers, and leading consumer products and services companies in support of the creation and delivery of intelligent

transportation systems (ITS), safety applications, and mobile devices.






Susan Takami, Managing Partner


Ms. Takami has over 20 years of experience in professional development program management in both the public and private sector.  She has designed and implemented user group programs, user/client database development and training courses, and global marketing professional development programs for the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry and technology industry. She has consulted to international companies for the development of on-line vocational certification programs, as well as held leadership roles in public/private educational curriculum and policy development.


Ms. Takami is an experienced presenter and facilitator, whose areas of expertise include instructional systems design, professional capacity course development, and content delivery to multi-lingual audiences.





Our Associates


Our associates are comprised of an experienced, diverse group of individuals and entities, who join our projects on an as needed basis. These experts include a rnage of experience from automated vehicle development to systems engineering and software development. By drawing from this pool on an as needed basis Cogenia Partners can address a wide variety of proejcts and technolgies with agility and with a very competitive cost structure.

Scott Andrews