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Expert Testimony

Mr. Andrews is a well-known technical expert providing testimony for a variety of patent cases related to location based technologies, communications, mobile devices and automotive technologies.


Summary of Patent Litigation Experience:


  • 15 years experience as techncial expert and expert witness for patent litigation

  • Supported over eighty patent cases

  • U.S. DIstrict Court Testimony: 21 depositions, 6 trials, 1 hearing

  • International Trade Commission Testimony: 2 depositions, 2 trials 1 tutorial

  • IPR and Re-exam Testimony: 35+ declarations, 10+ depositions

  • Targeted prior art search

  • Extensive personal library of key references in navigation, telematics, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS)

  • Invalidity and non-infringement anaysis and reports

  • Validity and infringement analysis and reports

  • IPR Declarations

  • Support for claim construction, and motions for summary judgment