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About Cogenia Partners

Cogenia Partners is a professional consulting firm specializing in systems engineering and services for intelligent transportation systems (ITS), safety applications, and mobile devices. Our goal is to provide complete, correct, and consistent solutions by applying systems engineering principles to system design, analysis, and development in ITS applications and deployments. Our staff and network of partners can provide systems engineering, technical litigation support, technical/social research, outreach services, and professional capacity development.


Our clients and partners include the automotive industry, Fortune 100 service enterprises, telecommunications equipment manufacturers, the U.S. Department of Transportation, state and local transportation entities, university transportation centers, and small startups seeking to enter the broad mobility and transportation technology and location based services market.


With over a dozen patents and several technology ventures, we have consistently proven our ability to generate new ideas and partnerships based on feasible, implementable concepts. To support client projects, we have developed systematic processes for system design, product and patent portfolio assessment, as well as non-technical analyses exploring the social, political, economic, and legal influences that may affect a new strategy, product, or service venture..


Cogenia Partners was founded in 2001 by Scott Andrews to provide innovative solutions to product development and proof of concepts in the advanced electronics and telematics areas. Headquartered in Northern California and currently managed by Susan Takami, Cogenia Partners, LLC is a small, woman-owned business. We are registered in the Central Contractor Registration and meet the small-business size standard for NAICS codes 541330 and 611430.


Engineering Services

  • Systems Engineering

  • ITS/Safety/Mobile Electronics

  • Location Based Services

  • Implementation & Testing

  • Technologies: Positioning, Communications: Physical/Network &    

          Application/Message, Sensing, Interpretation, Decision Making

          (Machine), Control, In-Vehicle Electronics, Consumer Electronic



Expert Testimony for Patent Litigation

  • Having served on over eighty patent litigation cases, our Technical Partner Scott Andrews has extensive experience as a technical expert , including prior art analysis, invalidity and validity analyses and reports, infringement and non infringement analyses and reports, as well as deposition and trial testimony.


Technical & Social Research Services


  • Social

  • Political

  • Economic

  • Legal

  • Technical