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About Susan Takami

Ms. Takami has over 20 years experience in professional development program management in both the public and private sector.  She has designed and implemented user group programs, user/client database development and training courses, and global marketing professional development programs for the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry. Ms. Takami has consulted to international companies for the development of on-line vocational certification programs.  She has held leadership roles in public/private educational curriculum and policy development, and is an experienced presenter and facilitator. Her areas of expertise include instructional systems design, train-the-trainer professional development, and content delivery to multi-lingual audiences.  Ms. Takami holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from San Jose State University, is a certified teacher in the State of California, and holds an Administrative Services Credential.


Partner Development - In addition to the administration of Cogenia Partners’ business activities, Ms. Takami manages business development by expanding our partner relationships.  She has a vast network of expert consultants, including DBEs, in automotive and mobility technologies, professional development course delivery, and workshop/event facilitation.  Ms. Takami builds innovative, collaborative, and diverse teams from this network to deliver the highest quality consulting services to Cogenia Partners’ clients.


Research & Training - Ms. Takami manages market and social research efforts, focusing on social, political, economic, and legal implications on transportation and mobility deployments.  Much of her research findings are derived through facilitation of stakeholder workshops and user meetings, whether in-person or via web-based conferencing.  As a consultant to Ohara Business School in Japan, she provided technical and educational consulting services to an emerging online vocational enterprise.  She established key educational contacts at Stanford University, DeVry Institute, San Jose State University and leading online and distance learning technology companies.


Outreach & Marketing - Ms. Takami served as a global accounts and industry relations manager for NAVTEQ where she developed and facilitated outreach programs and global marketing events.  She managed a $1.7M budget and teams to research and implement international marketing and sales training programs.  Ms. Takami facilitated and hosted policy committee meetings, User Group meetings and workshops. Ms. Takami designed and generated effectiveness assessments for international meetings and events.


Technology & Education - At Apple Computer, Ms. Takami managed new product promotion, sales, and training for both the business and education divisions for multi-lingual applications.  She created a suite of training programs and technical consulting services to accompany new productivity software products.  She presented frequently for both business public relations efforts and as an Apple Education representative.  Her clients included the Lion’s Club, Rotary Club and Japanese Consulate.


As a Modern Language Department Chair, Ms. Takami was responsible for staff professional development to meet state certifications, state standards, as well as district goals and objectives.  She taught Advanced Placement courses and administered the College Board’s first online exams for the District. She led efforts to expand the use of technology as a teaching tool, including upgrading computers, both PC and Mac; installation of projectors; the use of digital devices as learning tools; and standards-based online curriculum building tools and assessments.



Master of Arts, Educational Leadership, (2006) San Jose State University


Bachelor of Arts, History, (1995) Elmhurst College




2009 – Present

Cogenia Partners, LLC

Managing Partner


2001 - 2009

Fremont Union District Department Chair

Modern Languages


2000 - 2001

Ohara Business School,


Online & Distance Certification Consultant


1995 - 2001



Industry Relations and Global Accounts


1990 - 1995

Apple Computer

Product Manager




  • National Institute of Health; Protecting Human Research Participants